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It goes without saying that babies and chemical toxins don’t mix. In fact, it’s not at all limited to babies, but us humans in general. Our body’s do not cope with repeat exposure and this is having substantial effects to our health. Whilst you don’t need to be a biochemist to figure that much out, understanding where these very chemicals are lurking is not an easy task. Perhaps you’ve looked at the back of your latest nappy rash cream and tried to read the label? Pronouncing the ingredients let alone understanding them; we often simply trust that because everybody else is using it, it must be ok.

The biggest issue with these seemingly harmless chemicals found in most of our personal care products, is that they are known endocrine disruptors. Meaning they mess about with our hormones or ‘disrupt’ the way in which the body would ordinarily behave. Since hormones are associated with all growth and metabolic function, this isn’t ideal news for the precious teeny tot’s in our lives. Many of these known endocrine disrupting hormones are like imposters to our body. That is, they aren’t actually hormones at all, but they begin to behave in a way that mimic our own hormones, so much so, they are able to make their way in-between the gaps of our nerve cells and have a similar influence, leading to this disruption that we speak of.

There are two major endocrine disruptors that are especially clever at pulling rank; petrochemicals and plastics/phthalates. A recent Danish study was performed on 845 young children in those presenting with dermatitis. They were all found to have dangerously high levels of phthalates, mainly related to the topical treatments they were applying to treat the skin condition. The biggest issue is this can begin the path towards long-term inflammatory illness as these products continue to be used over time and begin to alter how we metabolize specific nutrients in the body. This can affect how our genes behave, a term known as polymorphism. You might be interested to learn that our genetics determine which conditions may present in our own unique body, but it is the certain influences in our day to day life like diet and environment and toxin exposure that can persuade our genes to ‘turn on’ these unwanted symptoms. By the same token, if we can remove as many polymorphisms as possible, we can lead our genes on the right path and minimize this unwanted effect of illness. This is especially important when we are considering what we apply repeatedly to our precious babies. Continual exposure can have concerning effects.

It’s therefore important as parents, we begin to make informed choices around personal care product for our children. Interestingly (and because it’s so universal), for many, papaya cream is the ointment of choice because it can be used for so many issues associated with our little ones, from nappy rash to nipple cream, cradle cap to chapped lips but not all papaya creams are made alike. We want to help you understand many creams of similar nature are created with these same phthalates that appear to be causing havoc, but not ours. What’s more, the vast majority of papaya creams contain large amounts of unkind ingredients like petroleum jelly, palm oil or castor oil because they are inexpensive and they help to increase the shelf life of such products.

Simple choices can begin to have profound effects and what you choose to purchase for your family truly does count. Pure Papaya Care is the only certified natural papaya ointment available. It’s gentle ingredients are safe for the entire family and we don’t scrimp on quality. Our formulation, which is uniquely free of preservatives, uses a rare blend of beautifully safe ingredients including Shea nut butter, jojoba and macadamia oil instead of chemical laden wax or petroleum jelly that many others use.

We’re really passionate about our product because it truly is second to none. It won’t mess about with your hormones and keeps your family away from concerning endocrine disruptors. Most of all, we are excited because we know once you try pure, you’ll wonder why you ever considered anything else. It’s beautiful formula will have you loving it as much as we do because not only is it completely safe for your baby, it works.


I am no beauty blogger and I am definitely not a skin care expert but I do have a passion overall wellness for our minds & bodies and our skin and personal care and that of our kids should be included in that.

To be honest when Pure Papaya connected me to collaborate with them I wasn’t quiet sure how I could help them because like I said Im not a beauty blogger but I was convinced that I could help spread their important message to Mummies after reading just this one simple line –
“Pure Papaya uses only the best natural ingredients and doesn’t have any hidden nasties, unlike other papaya ointments which are 96% petroleum jelly.”

So, I have done some reading on P’ure Papaya care to find out more about their products and share them with you because no-one should be rubbing petroleum jelly on their lips or into their skin particularly their babies skin if you use ointment as nappy rash cream.

PURE Papaya care has been developed by Daniel Baden a naturopath of 30 years who says he created this product after seeing the long term effects of what personal care products that contain harsh chemicals can do.

This product is made of completely natural ingredients which are combined to soothe, moisturise and protect your skin. It is not tested on animals and contains no palm oil.

The thing that stands out to me the most is that it contains NO petrochemicals. After reading about petrochemicals I realise how important this is for our skin’s health.

Pure mindfully chose 5 main ingredients to produce their ultra-nourishing ointment. Not only will you find Papaya extract but also calendula flower which promotes blood flow and promotes healing, shea butter too reduce inflammation and increase moisturisation, Macadamia oil to rehydrate and jojoba oil to sooth itching and dryness. This combination is what makes Pure the superior choice.

“Pure is petrochemical free. That’s important for your skin’s health. Petroleum creates a barrier that inhibits the skin’s ability to breathe and re-balance. This can increase your toxic load.Pure replaces chemicals with a rich natural formulation made from 100% natural skin friendly ingredients.” – P’ure Papaya website.

So what can you use this tube of goodness for?

  • Lip ointment or balm of dry lips or just to keep them soft and smooth (my new fave!!)
  • Nappy Rash cream to soothe babies redness. (has come in handy with Millies recent teething nappy rash)
  • Nipple cream – apply after feeding to protect or soothe nipples.
  • Cradle cap to help provide relief.
  • After Laser treatment ointment.

So what’s my thoughts?

I have been using this ointment as my every day lip balm to protect and soothe my dry lips as we head in to the winter months and I can honestly say I have been converted. I always found with other brands it was as if instead of fixing the problem my lips continually got drier which meant I was continually having to put more and more on which I now understand why – because of the petroleum!

FOR BABY (Millie):
When Millie teethes she gets hit hard including the worst nappy rash. After speaking to my GP and pharmacist about what works best to help nappy rash I now know the only thing that helps is creating a barrier between their skin and their poo’s and wee’s (glamorous – I know) so I have been using Papaya ointment to create that barrier which has been working really well and doesn’t seem to sting as much when applied compared to other creams.
From day 1 it has always been super important to me to use natural ingredients on Millie’s skin and it seems to have worked as she has never had any rash or irritations on her skin besides from when she it teething.

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This blog was sponsored by P’URE by Phytocare but I would never promote or endorse anything I don’t love or wouldn’t use myself.