Are PURE products certified?
Is PURE ‘vegan friendly’?
Are PURE products Palm Oil Free?
What fragrance is used in PURE?
Are PURE tubes recyclable?

Papaya Ointment

What are the benefits of Calendula?
Why is the first squeeze soft or hard?
Is the Papaya Ointment safe to use during pregnancy?
Is the ointment safe to use when breastfeeding?
How much paw paw is in Papaya Ointment?

Vapour Balm

Is Vapour Balm safe for Children?
What is the Essential Oil content of Vapour Balm?

Papaya Renew

When can I start applying Renew to my wound?
I have an old scar. Can Renew help?
Is Renew Safe to use during pregnancy?
I have sensitive skin; can I use Renew as a moisturiser?
How much paw paw is in Papaya Renew Cream?

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